Bressano has been creating custom furnishings for over 80 years, giving shape to design projects that are based entirely on the specific needs of our partners in the industry.

Our original approach to customization enables us to meet your every need and has made Bressano synonymous with custom-made. Our genuine dedication to the needs of the architects and interior designers who place their trust in us can be seen in all phases of the project, from the selection of materials to their application in the specific space involved.

Ideas. Style. Design.

Here at Bressano, we have developed a process that takes your design concept and translates that core idea into an overall style that reflects your expectations and personality. Once clear objectives have been established in this way, we then move on to the actual design phase before handing off the project to our craftsmen. In this way, we are always able to find the best solution for your creative ideas.

A producer you can trust with your most creative designs

Bressano is not your typical furniture maker. Major architecture and interior design firms, both in Italy and abroad, have entrusted us with their most complex design projects. We’re able to handle every phase of the project and play an active role in its proper execution.

An excellent creative design can only become a good technical drawing by way of a detailed feasibility study and careful selection of the materials to be used.

The team in our workshop has the expertise you need. With our Services for Designers, ideas take shape to become products that are meant to last while providing a living space imbued with an underlying sense of wellness.

Design meets craftsmanship

Woodworking is an art. When you enter our workshop, you are welcomed by the smell of wood and the sounds of machinery old and new, working harmoniously to give shape to new designs. At Bressano, we provide a workspace where our team members can thrive, blending advanced technologies with woodworking traditions that have been handed down from generation to generation.

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Come to us for craftsmanship that never fails to impress

We’ve been designing and producing furniture since 1934. Come see why entrusting us with your designs means choosing both endless options for customization and the highest quality materials, accessories and hardware.

Each project is a challenge to be taken on together as we bring one-of-a-kind spaces to life.

With Bressano, all your ideas truly can take shape.