We choose the finest high-quality material to shape your project: you can count on our extensive experience and the wide range of proposals we offer.

We have produced thousands of projects as well as created environments inspired by diverse desires and needs. Our expertise in materials allows us to make the best choice to create your furniture. We will take into account the aesthetics, practicality, functionality and harmony of the individual components to deliver products perfectly incorporated into your home environment.

We will be able to fulfil your desires and preferences to give shape to perfect environments from every point of view.

If you choose Bressano, you choose genuine and dedicated furniture professionals.

Bressano: furniture craftsmen since 1934

Bressano, an artisanal furniture factory in Villanova Mondovì since 1934, selects and recommends the finest high-quality materials for your furniture and furnishings. Together we create versatile tailor-made spaces, made with expertise. Come and visit us in the Showroom. We choose the ideal material for every housing need.

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