In the 1930s, when Maurizio first put a tool in his hand to shape his creations, he did it with passion.

Because there is nothing more beautiful than to turn an idea and dream into reality. The furniture we make in Villanova Mondovì is exclusively yours, they’re visions that will give uniqueness and character to your home.

Today, an uplifting energy inspires our days through the fallen wooden flakes, the intense scent of wood and through the expert machines shaping the materials.

We love our work: every Bressano creation is proof of this.

Passionate Artisans

A young married couple would like a kitchen suitable for a small space, but with a large capacity.

A professional wants to get new wooden furniture; desks, furniture and shelving that showcase elegance and ergonomics.

To celebrate the retirement, the living room deserves a small design piece that can gracefully accompany classic or contemporary furnishings.

Your desire is the inspiration that ignites our creativity.

We are Furniture Consultants: we make your desire our own and we shape it.

Bressano: il Laboratorio a Villanova Mondovì - 2

Quality and Authentic Material

A perfect piece of furniture must satisfy specific requirements: impeccable construction quality, durable fittings, refined design, practical and effective.

The choice of material is also fundamental: because as much as wood is the heart and soul of our business, we offer other superior furnishing solutions. Knowing how to combine diverse materials of the highest quality is an art.

We select raw and distinct materials with superior quality, taking care of the crafting in every step.

In the workshop, no detail is left to chance: when the project is delivered into the hands of our specialised craftsmen, your dream begins to take shape.

Our furniture is the result of genuine passion: just touch the surface with your hand to feel it.