The Bressano artisanal workshop was born in 1934, thanks to Maurizio, the founder.

An attribute that has been carried forward and applied to how we work, is passion: Maurizio worked in a carpentry shop with dedication, shaping wood with modern and functional machinery.

To work well, you need to choose quality materials and suitable tools: we have never forgotten this teaching.

During the economic boom, Bressano established itself as a specialty for authentic wood furnishings, made with precision and care. Diligent and honest artisans, providing an expert service to every customer.

Un nuovo laboratorio per creare mobili sempre migliori

A new workshop

The 70s marked the first and a significant turning point: Bressano opened a new workshop; sticking to the family tradition for choosing and using the finest materials and directing the company towards the future.

Larger spaces and innovative technologies, without losing sight of creativity and attention to detail.

Bressano Mobili: la nostra storia - 2

Technology and heart

The third generation proudly carries on the family tradition: utmost and greatest attention to every stage of the work, dedicated commitment to the environment and tailored-made designs has become the foundation of our daily work.

In fact, we have chosen eco-sustainability, equipping the company with solar panels and a boiler for the production of energy, powered by wood processing waste. In our new warehouse we store native and exotic wood and selected raw materials to give our customers a wide and complete range of options.

Our purpose is to create furniture and spaces that reflect the needs and desires of those looking for custom-made options, furniture made with care, furniture made for life.

Those who choose Bressano, can count on a honest and dedicated team that will follow every step of the work: from design to delivery, from the creation of personalised furniture to after-sales assistance and support.