Furniture craftsmen since 1934

Personalised furniture and spaces

Bressano - Cucine su misura

The pleasure of living in the home

Furniture created to last over time and for enjoyment

Ogni arredo è creato dai nostri artigiani a Villanova Mondovì, in laboratorio

We take care of every detail

The impeccable attention to detail makes our creations unique

Bressano: dettagli curati nei minimi particolari

Unique complements

Handcrafted and personalized furniture for a home that reflect your style

Ergonomics and efficiency for Business needs

We are here to fulfill your expectations and desires

Bressano is the place where the material and your desires take shape.

We have been specialised and dedicated craftsmen and carpenters since 1934. With passion, we design furniture that is made for life: the furniture is created for your needs; from the proficient design by an architect or from how you would like your home environment. We are ready to create with you, a personalised environment that reflects your desires and preferences.

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Our furniture is entirely made in the artisanal workshop in Villanova Mondovì. We proudly take care of every stage of the work, from design to construction, from installation to customer assistance and support. Discover the Bressano Style: unique, durable, adaptable and tailored-made.


We offer a selection of exclusive and dedicated services that contribute to making a house your home. Consultation, Design, Construction… Every phase of the work is carried out with diligence and the perfect solution for every furnishing need is provided in one of our services.

Hear from some of our staff

Anna Bressano, Consulente d'Arredo

Furniture Consultant


Come and visit us: Together we will design custom-made options suited to your needs. Bressano for me? We welcome you and accompany you on a journey towards your new home.

Elisa Bressano, Consulente d'Arredo

Furniture Consultant


I love to transform the wishes of customers into unique projects, with personalised measures and solutions. Bressano for me? Unique furniture, regardless of space.

Maurizio Bressano, Responsabile di Produzione

Production Manager


Bring to life dream furniture: there is nothing more beautiful. Bressano for me? Decorate a home with tailor-made pieces. Each piece of furniture reflects your desires.

Our furniture is the result of genuine passion:
just touch the surface with your hand to feel it.

Your desire is the inspiration that ignites our creativity.

We are Furniture Consultants:

We take your wish and shape it.